The Aerosol group at UC Davis is funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, to undertake research into the impact of nanomaterials on the environment and on humans. The Superfund Basic Research Program within NIEHS supports research related to environmental health problems associated with hazardous waste sites. The Keck Foundation, through the Keck Facility for Spectral Imaging at UC Davis also supports this work via studies on AFM to understand the physical changes (e.g. change in Young's Modulus of cell membranes) following exposure to nanoparticles.

Cell images

The Davis Aerosol group works closely with colleagues in Engineering, Atmospheric Science and Biological Sciences to probe the cellular reaction to nanomaterials. The collaboration between groups is an essential feature of the UC Davis Superfund Basic Research Program.

Additional support is offered through collaborations with colleagues in Materials Science, Land Air Water Resources,Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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